The Return of Men

Posted April 16, 2009 by manupmen
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These are the times when we see men returning to power.  We have gotten rid of the little boys in the White House, and we have an intelligent male at the helm.  Despite his unfortunate jokes that his wife is “the boss,” he is a take charge guy who is willing to risk his mistakes without shame.

Shame.  This is what keeps men from being men.  Shame and the fear of shame.

Those who cower in these times will find themselves left behind.  It is time to build, invest, create and seize.  It is time to do the thing you thought you could not do.

It is time to be a man.

Stop embarrassing yourself by obeying your mate.  Stop asking for permission and approval.  Stop being a boy.

Announce today to your mate that you’ll be a partner but not a servant.  Tell her you will expect her to be responsible for the emotional atmosphere around you–she no longer has permission to whine and bitch without regard for how it affects you.

Announce to your boss that you are going to be making him some money, and you want him to keep his eye on you.

Go to the Small Business Administration and learn how to start that business you’ve been putting off.

Get the girl, make the money, achieve the dreams.  Be bad.  Be good.  Roar.

It’s Time to Get Rid of You

Posted March 25, 2009 by manupmen
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You’ve got to go.  You are ruining your life.

You can try to blame your mate or your boss or your mommy, but the only person who has been there in your life one hundred percent of the time is  you.  You made all those decisions, you made all those mistakes.  You are making yourself miserable.

Time to put someone else in charge.  There’s a man who can make the choices that will enrich your life and make you prosperous in every sense of the word.  That man knows what is right, and in situations where it’s not clear what to do, he knows how to weigh the possibilities and make a good decision.

Who is this man?

He is the Man You Were Meant to Be.  He’s the image in your head of who you were supposed to become by this time in your life.  He’s the thinking, breathing doer that you have allowed to be browbeaten, criticized and talked out of his dreams.

He knows what to do.  He knows what to do right now.

Do you think you are too guilty to prosper?  Are there some transgressions and regrets you feel have condemned you to unworthiness?  That’s that old whimpering fellow you’ve got to get rid of.  The Man You Were Meant to Be looks at it like this:  What image of yourself will help you rise up?

Simple.  Putting yourself down, or letting your mate put you down, will not help.  Seeing who you can be will help.

You can be a money-making, love-making, risk-taking winner.  Just do what the Man You Were Meant to Be tells you to do.  It won’t be comfortable to the whiner you are replacing, and it won’t make your mate happy (she may have a stake in keeping you down–it may make her feel superior without having to actually improve herself).

But it will make you roar.  You will roar and put your fist in the air and get the damn job done for a change.

I could tell you stories.  Like the friend who quit letting his wife tell him he was nobody, and who today is actively involved in performing his music, loving his new lover (who believes in him), and making good money.  He is happy.  He is someone new.

I could tell you about the man who stood up to his abusive wife (she was both physically and verbally abusive), told her he wasn’t going downhill with her any longer, and today is living a life full of dreams, deeds and a growing savings account.  Yes, even through this recession.

There are techniques for becoming this kind of person.  No matter how much you’ve lost, no matter how convinced you have been that you don’t deserve a damn thing.  The techniques work to wake up the Man You Were Meant to Be.

And once that man is awake, he won’t let you go back to being a victim.  That man is waiting for you to look him in the eye.  All you have to do is take your eyes off your critics and turn to the one you can trust.

You are in a crisis.  Today’s midlife crisis starts in your twenties and runs through your sixties–unless you take steps now to undo a life of quiet desperation.

Have a great midlife crisis.  It’s the only one you get.

Have a Great Midlife Crisis is available through

Domestic Violence–The Dirty Secret

Posted March 12, 2009 by manupmen
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Chris Brown is a jerk if he did what is alleged to Rihanna.    And she is a fool for going back to him.

So while Oprah and company are wailing about domestic violence, why are they being so sexist?

When men hit women everyone is outraged.  When women hit men it is considered a joke.  Men are being hit, beaten and attacked by women, and no one wants to talk about it.

As many as 40 out of 100 domestic violence cases are women hurting men (source:  and yet people laugh.  “Men are big.  If a man lets a woman hit him, he is a wimp.”  Etc.

Here is the truth:  if a man defends himself against a female attacker, the police may arrest HIM.

The absolute bigotry of favoring female abusers is outrageous.

Chris Brown was wrong if he did what is alleged.  If a woman does the same thing, she is wrong.  (There is no evidence Rihanna was abusive.)

Time to man up and speak out:  women who are violent against men should be arrested and charged, not made into jokes.

Find out how to stand up and quit being the butt of jokes and abuse against men in  Have a Great Midlife Crisis. Available through


Wimps Cannot Lead Us to Financial Recovery

Posted March 7, 2009 by manupmen
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Extraordinary times call for extraordinary men.  Followers and gang members are not extraordinary, and are in fact part of the herd that led us  to the edge of the precipice.

We have seen them in their matching suits, joking about how their wives are really the bosses, and pontificating about how they are victims of the  economy.  Victim thinking.  Do we really need more victim thinking?  This is the approach of followers and gang members.

We need men who have left their pack of beta males to dare the dark night alone.  We need entrepreneurs, creators, loners, winners.

I am thinking that if you have read this far you have an idea about  rising out of the crowd.  I am thinking that you may have an idea about doing something extraordinary and turning this crisis into an opportunity.  I am thinking we need men like you.

Perhaps you no longer find it funny to joke that your wife is the boss.  Perhaps you are starting to see your regular guy gatherings as a whining parties.  Maybe you are tired of cowering in fear as you listen to the headlines.  You might be formulating the beginnings of a plan to prosper.

Look, the recession is already upon us.  It is not planning to simply notice that employment is down and sales are constricting.  That is a statement of the obvious that hardly distinguishes you.  Have you noticed that the only time you sit up is when you hear someone speaking of how to take advantage of the recovery?  Does your mind begin to percolate when you hear talk of men who are prospering  in these times?

You may be the  warrior your family is hoping you are.  You may be the leader your community needs.  You may be one of the creators who will lead us back to prosperity.

The herd of sheep cannot lead us.  No matter what you have been told, this is not a time for banding together in victimhood; it is a time for breaking away into leadership.

It is common when writing for the internet to write for the crowd, to seek as many readers as possible.  But I am writing for only one or two of you–the men who dare.  I would rather encounter a few great hearts than converse with many weak minds.

I will close now.  I have a business plan to work on, a project to move forward, some figures to evaluate.  If you are the man I think you are, you are this close to cancelling the errands on your honeydo list.  You are this close to challenging the  notion that you are at someone else’s beck and call.  You are this close to becoming the man you were meant to be.

If I am right about you, write to me.  You and I will never form a herd, but we can form an alliance.  We can celebrate courage when others are cringing.

Welcome back to your strength.

ManUpMen Tops 10,000 Readers

Posted March 1, 2009 by manupmen
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We now have 10,000 readers and we’re still growing. Apparently, there are a lot of men out there who suspect they could be leading better, freer lives.

We will continue to champion the idea that men’s desires are legitimate, that men have a right to be themselves and be free of dominating mates.

In particular, we are proud that the book, Have a Great Midlife Crisis is helping men make specific plans to get more life into their lives.  More money, more sex, more fun, more adventure, more hope.  The financial recovery plan in the book offers real steps to pull out of this recession, and the “Extra Women” plan is giving many men back the excitement they thought was gone for good.

Amazon has picked up the book, and Google Books has picked it up too.

Thanks for your support, and remember, you can get free if you use your head and follow your heart.

John Bryan Stone

P.S. Check out the Shaw Kerr Media Website at  It’ll give you more details about Have a Great Midlife Crisis

Men’s Survey: Do you cheat?

Posted February 25, 2009 by manupmen
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We want to know!  If you are a man, we want to know if you desire other women than your mate.

Leave a comment and answer these two questions:

1.  Do you currently see other women your mate doesn’t know about?

2.  Would you cheat if you knew you would not get caught?

You don’t have to leave your name, and we won’t use it.  Just let us know the state of monogamy these days.


John Bryan Stone

Have a Great Midlife Crisis Picked Up by Amazon

Posted February 21, 2009 by manupmen
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Hey everybody, my book just got picked up my Amazon.  I continue to be amazed at how many suffering men there are out there.

I am glad to know the book is helping.

Thanks for your support!

Here’s the link.  You can copy and paste it into your browser.

John Bryan Stone

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